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About Us
Proudly delivering quality tattoos with friendly customer service for 20 years. We are Bondi’s original tattoo studio.
Established in 1995 at the famous Bondi Beach, Kaleidoscope Tattoo Studio has grown to become one of the most respected and well-known tattoo and body piercing studios in Sydney. We are proud of our reputation for delivering quality tattoos with friendly customer service. Whether it’s large custom tattoos or smaller pieces for walk in customers, we believe everyone should be given the same courtesy and support.

Our impressive line-up of award-winning tattoo artists possess amazing drawing skills. They approach their work with genuine passion and aim to design and deliver a tattoo that is personal and expresses precisely what you’re after. Our tattoo artists specialise in a wide range of tattoo styles including traditional, neo traditional, Japanese, oriental, realism, water colour, and other more artistic styles. Our work has been featured in all major tattoo publications and in numerous media for nearly 20 years.
We also host international guest spots showcasing some of the World’s most accomplished tattoo artists.
At Kaleidoscope you can expect to be tattooed or pierced in a relaxed and professional environment. We adhere to very high levels of hygiene. All staff at Kaleidoscope Tattoo Studio are fully trained in cross-contamination prevention. We only use hospital-grade sterilisation techniques, and single use needles and equipment. In the past the Health Department collaborated with our head tattoo artist to create a hygiene and safety documentary.
Our experienced and skilled body piercers use jewellery of the highest grade, and we have an extensive range of body jewellery to suit a variety of tastes.

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